The Rec's of Vet Rec


Whether or not you wonder about the name, it is part of our story. Essentially, it is the "why" of our existence.


The Goal here is not necessarily defined, because for each Vet, it is different. It's what you want it to be. Yes, I had two initial ideas for what the "Rec" portion of the name was to represent. First was Veteran RECreation. Just getting together and doing some sort of event or activity without a need for much more. Show up, have some fun, call it a day. That's also too easy. There had to be something more. It’s also about getting Veterans to REConnect. It is all too common to lose contact with fellow Veterans. A lot of service members go their own way and sort of “wipe their hands” of that part of life. We want to break that mold. To prevent the falling out as time passes. If anything, our aim is to increase not only the accountability, but also the number and depth of contacts.


To piggyback off of that, all too often service members, upon discharge, have an idea of what the next phase of life will look like without realizing a major change. An entirely forgotten aspect of life that is not anticipated. Instead of having at the least, a team sized element moving in the same direction toward a defined goal with alternative courses of action, a Veteran is working towards an individual goal with only success being an option. This can be alarming or downright terrifying. "What now?" That sense of being part of a larger whole is somewhat lost or uncertain. There is a need to REConstruct not only your team, but your life in ways. Without a doubt, this is a seemingly monumental undertaking, and is also a crucial part of any Veteran's transition.


There is a need to assess and RECapture those aspects of our military experiences that were instilled in us from 0 Day onward. Instead of trying to get yourself through this organized chaos alone, share the load. Voice what is going on with us and others. RECognize that many of us have gone through similar situations. Not the same by any means, but similar in ways. That is key. Those that have made the transition and have come out on top are a wealth of knowledge. That is why we invite all. Our depth and breadth of information only grows with more of you. That being said, we RECeive all Veterans. Period. If you've served, you are a part of this regardless to when, where, what branch, MOS, what you did or didn't do blah blah blah.  I hope you get the point. You served, you are Vet Rec material.


Accountability, I mentioned this earlier. We have one major request of all and that is openness. Nick has stated it simply and effectively; "Often times the demons are loudest because we lock them up inside and only listen to what they have to say." At some point, we're going right for the feels. This is where every one of us has to be RECeptive to this endeavor. We strive to fully RECount our lives, trials, missteps, and triumphs. Not only in our minds, but also the willingness to RECite those events and thoughts within our experiences to other Veterans. This is the way we quiet those demons. By allowing other like minded voices to RECiprocate those same thoughts, uncertainties, or perceptions. You will be surprised how many others have had very similar points in their lives. I myself used to think that no one would or could understand what i was trying to sort out. Partially, I was correct. No one could have possibly understood because I kept it locked inside. Isolation only compounded the thoughts that I was the only one going through anything of the sort. I beat my head against the wall time and time again until I began to voice my struggles. Without openness, it is impossible. We must RECondition our SOP in order to enable true progress.


We ask you to RECommit to your brothers and sisters in arms. With your involvement, we can maintain or begin to achieve balance in life. To RECtify those aspects of life that cause agitation or discontentment. Ideally, we would prevent it all together. The sooner we can connect, the better chance we have. By coming together we can RECharge that sense of brotherhood of teamwork, belonging, and purpose.


When I was in Basic Training and our platoon was engaged in some sort of corrective action due to not meeting standards, it was always brought to an end with a simple word that would immediately let us know that the worst was over. Our debt had been paid. It brought us back to our feet, back in formation, and signified that we were back on track and once again moving forward. Together. It was a relief to hear and at times something hoped and longed for......




Stand up with us, get in our formation, and let's move forward.

Charlie Mike