I'm sure (actually, hoping to be honest) that there will be plenty more posts like this that will further help in understanding what Vet Rec is and what we're about. I'll start as simple as possible by saying that the goal here is simply to bring Veterans together. That's the easy part. That's also not the entire goal.

How many Veterans do you know personally? I'll use Michigan for example. There are 641,000 veterans in the state. And you know how many? The answer is simple. Not enough. Maybe 641,000 vets across a state is too much area to cover for it to seem feasible. I'll bring it closer to home. In Wayne County Michigan there are 93,858 Veterans. Oakland County, 62,598 Veterans. Macomb County, 53,827 Veterans. Washtenaw County, 17,029 Veterans. Livingston County, 12,091 Veterans. Monroe County, 11,754 Veterans. All of these numbers are straight from the department of Veteran's Affairs broken down for every county of every state. I used the September of 2015 numbers for this example.  https://www.va.gov/vetdata/veteran_population.asp

My point with all of this is that we just need to be involved with each other and there really is not a good reason why we aren't already. It's easy to lose touch with those you have served with or those that you know were in the service at one point. Life, careers, distance, families, and anything else life throws at you can easily get in the way. Why let it though? Don't you miss that brotherhood? Weren't some of the seemingly worst times spent with some of the best people you've ever met? It doesn't matter what branch you served in, how long you were in, where you went, or what you did or did not do. You signed up. That's all we need to know.

We don't know it all. We can't expect to. We are not certified life-counselors, job hiring fairs, education institutions, or anything of the sort. We're just the sum total of our experiences. We've been around, had some ups and downs, and we're still here. All egos aside, I bet we didn't do it all alone. We've had help along the way. Why not make the pool help and experience larger?

If anything, we are here so that all veterans know they have people, fellow veterans, that are behind them waiting to pass the torch on, and still others in front of them to pass the torch to. The more of a brotherhood we have, the stronger the brotherhood becomes. Welcome to Vet Rec. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Charlie Mike!

Vet Rec, Out.